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Sales - Management Process


(Using Six Sigma Methodology) Module Objectives: Organizations productivity and effectiveness depends to a great extent on the ability of its employees to manage their time efficiently. Harnessing time resource to prioritized activities will help increasing employees output and organization competitiveness. The objective of this program is to equip the attendees with the necessary tools and skills which lead to successful time management. Trainees will learn techniques to make better day-to-day decisions that help them to achieve their targets.As I am UK Certificate Green Belt Six Sigma from UK Sales Management Process is one of the simplest ways to increase your revenue and profitability and it is about leading the people and process your company uses to sell prospects and customer services .
the outline of the workshop:
Trainees will get to know how to accomplish more in less time and to develop an action plan to effectively use the available time. In the same time, trainees will discover the meaning of stress along with positive and negative pressure versus performance and will learn techniques on how to handling pressure and stress Kindly find below
Course Outlines.
Territory Assignment
Budget Allocation
Territory Analysis
Quarterly Action Plan
Weekly Plan
Daily Plan
Performance Review
Monitor Number & Type Of Calls
Team Meeting
Prospect Cycle Management


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