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Mind - Set Selling

Mind-Set Selling

Our Mind-Set Selling initial workshop reflects this basic approach. The Map demystifies ‘sales’ because it describes, in straightforward language, the basic stages that everyone goes through from beginning to end, to reach a final decision to buy. We believe this is the best starting point because ultimately the selling process is really about how customers buy. This is critical because the most effective strategy depends on where the customer is located within the cycle. Use the wrong strategy and the sale will not progress may even go backwards or, worse still, you might generate resistance. Like any good Map, the DMC© shows you the best strategies and the main traps to avoid. In essence, we give you a map of the customer’s mind. We also introduce you to two tools which show you how to quickly and effectively analyze a deal to reveal the most important next steps and how to take them.


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Course Map

Day one

The Power of Structure.
The Decision Making Cycle (DMC)
Motivation to Move (1) Concept.
Motivation to Move (2) Drivers

Day two

Review Dealing with Resistance.
Skills Acquisition.
Intention to Move.

Day Three

Review Dealing with Distractions.
Decision Points.
Case Study- Proposal Planner.
Case Study: The Trips
Review & Close.