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Inside Management

Workshop reflects the Gazing Map + Tools approach because this provides a powerful platform for the execution of nearly all management skills. Taking the time to develop the platform properly creates a magnifier effect, with the core tools generating a high number of management skills and competencies. We constructed the Map by assembling the most robust principles governing human behavior we could identify from a range of disciplines, such as cognitive and social psychology. The IM© Map is unique because it combines all of these principles on one page and graphically shows how they are connected. The outcome is that the Map shows the pathways for individuals and groups to follow if they want to perform effectively under pressure, no matter what business or industry you are in. And like any good map, it also shows you where you don't want to go “ how individuals and groups manage to head in the wrong direction. The Tools show you how to apply this priceless information to everyday management situations.


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Course Map

Day one

The Power of Structure.
The Decision Making Cycle (DMC)
Territory Management.
Sales Performance Clinic.
The Performance Triangle.

Day two

Review The Prime issue Process & Diversions.
Pressure Points Negative content loops.
Points of success.
On Task The Map Tool 1 Check

Day Three

Review Mental Strength Sliding Scale.
Emotion Drivers Tool 2 The Attention Seeker.
Case Study X-Check the Attention Seeker.
Points of success scorecard.
Review & Close.