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Art of - rofessionalism


Organizations™ productivity and effectiveness depends to a great extent on the ability of its employees to manage their time efficiently.
At the end of the course you will appreciate how to:
Establish objectives to be achieved by negotiation and communication.
Learn the range of professional approaches and their results based on your interactions.
Use interpersonal skills to influence others in both informal and formal situations to achieve your objectives.
Learn how to apply proven negotiation & communication techniques that maximize revenues and increase customer satisfaction.
How to deal with difficult Stylus.
Learn how to know & improve your interpersonal Style & what skills needed to support a collaborative negotiation style.
What you would most prefer to do if you and the other party are  not able to reach a deal (BATNA)
Practice your general negotiation & communication techniques.


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Course Map

Day one

(Enhance Relationships & Build Trust Business Principles.
Customer Focus.
Lead as professional.
People Developing cycle
Planning Process.
Taking Charge of work stress.
The Right approach to handle mistakes.

Day two

(Communicate to Success Review.
Communication Process
Communication Style (Self Assessment)
Communication Style
Dealing with different Communication Styles
Building Listening Skills.
Art Of questioning
Body Language.

Day Three

(Negotiate to gain Best Achievement
Negotiation Process.
Negotiation Style (Self assessment).
Negotiation Style.
Dealing with different Negotiation styles.
Handling conflicts.
Negotiation strategies & Tactics.