Which is one of the best training centres in Egypt, and looking forward to open other branches all over the Middle East. The strength of this centre comes from Essa himself who has an excellent experience in training people as an active and vivacious trainer for thousands of Xerox staff and its partners in the Middle East.

Since 1990 and for more than 10 years, he was an effective gear in the Xerox Egypt great machine and played a very active rule in its golden age .
he started as sales man and ascended the hierarchy stages from the beginning till becoming a manager in sales department. That gives him the credibility and the practical experience to continue another 10 years as a successful training manager there.


The main client for ETCPD is Xerox Egypt which recommended Essa, as one of the best trainers worked with since 2000, to their partners and also to the other companies those Essa was dealing with through his journey with Xerox. That was a great prove for many other organizations to deal with him such as Americana, Coca Cola, Orascom, Tamer (ksa), National Bank of Abu Dhabi and many other great organizations.

Within these 20 years in the fields of sales, marketing, HR and the training ; Essa  was always trying to enhance himself and develop his career  with many studies related to these fields  such as the HR diploma , the MBA  , six sigma green belt and many other courses from many countries . Traveling polished his talents in dealing with people and gave him many friends and connections all over the world.

He is a graduate of Cairo University, Egypt with studies in UK. He is a Member in the Taekwondo National Team with a Gold Medal in (Belgian Taekwondo Championship) in 1990 and of course he is a Taekwondo Trainer in Shooting Club- Egypt since 1988.

Essa resides with his wife and his 2 children in El- Maadi Cairo near to his centre, and travels extensively to share his experience all over the Middle East.


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