Egypt Today Center for People Development at the heart of your company, you’re ready to take on the world of real business.


Egypt today Center for People Development is an international business currently working with Multinational Companies & educational Organization to deliver sustainable improvements in performance & enhancing relationships.


Set up in the 2009, we initially focused on sales and sales management training, Life Coaching ,Developing Parnting and HR consoultant But from the outset, we had a distinctive approach, reflecting the very different perspectives and professional backgrounds of our founding directors – who brought to ETCPD in fields as diverse as forensic psychiatry and international Business.


Since we open our business we are focus into the international arena, through a network of carefully chosen partners, Egypt Today is an associated to Gazing Performance Systems is an international business currently working with clients in over 60 countries to deliver sustainable improvements in performance. Gazing performance System in UK 14 years establish to focus on the development, and delivery of systems to optimize performance under pressure.

Doing the simple things well


The Gazing approach to optimizing performance is all about doing the simple things exceptionally well. We help people learn how to think clearly and execute the skills they have, consistently, whatever situation they find themselves in. The incredibly complex environment that is the human mind, such “simplicity” is anything but simple to achieve.

Improved performance: a systematic approach overcome the negative effects of pressure on performance, people need three main things:

1. A clear “big picture” understanding of the task in hand
2. A well defined framework in which to operate
3. Practical tools and knowledge


At Gazing, we focus equally on all three. We help people understand and acquire the mind-set that will get the job done, and we show them how to translate that into their everyday working lives – connecting clear thinking to effective execution.


We don’t call what we do training – which, for us, implies something of finite duration and, in most cases, limited practical usefulness. Gazing systems are not a one-off event, but the basis for an entirely new way of performing a task or function; a way that will enable you to achieve more consistent performance and better results.