Positive Communication Discipline
PCDis a workshop that includes role play and activities. It helps business leaders, employees and educators to get to experience the world from others place. It positively drives the wheel of relationships in Business fields. Participants who complete PCD workshop will learn how to build self-esteem, communicate with their inner feelings, empower others, and manage their anger and put principles and morals into practice. It offers tools to solve problems, release conflicts while teaching yourself your team self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and problem solving skills to reach the required strategic goals.

Course Objectives:


  • Create better culture atmosphere
  • Help people to feel loyal and significant
  • Bridge the communication gaps
  • Defuse power struggles
  • Communicate positively to reach your business goals
  • Comprehend others attitude
  • Build on strengths not weakness
  • Enforce your message of appreciation
  • Teach people not “what to think”, but “how to think”
  • Win co-operation at home and work
  • Hold people accountable with self-respect
  • Meet the special challenge of attitude issues
  • Help our people to learn self-discipline with no loss of dignity
  • Rebuild relationships between spouses, family members and colleagues based on love,
    trust and respect
  • Discover yourself/your colleagues’ intelligence and feel the change.


Join us& learn more practical solutions for everyday Issues

PCD Workshop Duration:-


Amal facilitates the following options for her clients:-


  • Two days' workshop
  • Three days' workshop
  • Four days' workshop
  • One to one session (2 hours)

(Workshops can be tailored upon request)
Please let us know if you would like to host PCD courses at your Organization .



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